Beyond Link Building: 3 Effective Ways to Build Authority

Link Building

Establishing website authority is crucial for the success of any online business. It builds trust with the audience and helps rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). However, with the emergence of AI tools, creating high-quality content that stands out from the competition has become challenging.

In a recent webinar, Sabrina Hipps, VP of Partner Development, and Jeremy Rivera, Director of Content Analysis at CopyPress, shared their insights on content promotion, link building, and subject matter expertise to elevate online authority. Here are the top three ways to build website authority:

Create Unique Content with First-Hand Experience

AI can’t match the first-person experience and critical thinking skills of humans. Counter AI-generated content by creating unique content that shows truth, expertise, and first-hand experience.

Highlight Quality Authorship

High-quality content should be accurate, mistake-free, and display expertise. To ensure accuracy, invite a subject matter expert to review the content and add that extra layer of expertise. Pairing a subject matter expert with a strong writer who can interview and interject quotes helps build better content. Use social media to observe, participate, engage, and network to find the professionals you need to interview for high-expertise content.

Use Other Authority Builders in Addition to Links

To increase brand queries, leverage influencers, knowledge panels, and mentions. Using HARO & Terkel, publishing unique industry data, doing something distinctive that stands out, connecting with publishers with significant traffic, leveraging influencers and industry experts can increase mentions.

In conclusion, publishing unique, relevant, and authoritative content will get referenced and cited by others, leading to increased website authority. By going beyond just link building, businesses can establish themselves as authorities in their respective fields.